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Shipping Containers

We keep a range of shipping containers in our inventory, including 20ft, 40ft, and occasionally 10ft containers. We source both new and used containers from various manufacturers and companies, and offer them for purchase or sale.

10ft Containers

10ft Dry Shipping Containers are made of steel that is resistant to rust, providing a durable solution to protect cargo from harsh weather conditions. Our strict testing and inspection standards guarantee that we consistently deliver containers of the highest quality.

20ft Containers

20ft Shipping Container offers an internal storage capacity of 1165 ft3, enabling it to accommodate up to 11 euro pallets or 10 metric pallets per layer. This makes it an ideal solution for storing a wide variety of materials and manufactured goods.

40ft Containers

40ft Dry Shipping Containers remain a highly sought-after product in our global fleet. Built from corten steel, these containers are exceptionally robust and engineered to endure harsh climates and extreme weather conditions. Our rigorous testing process ensures that our units meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Platform Containers

A platform container is distinct from a standard container in that it lacks front and side walls. This sets it apart from flatrack containers, which feature front walls.

The highly durable floor construction of our containers features a sturdy steel frame and wooden floor, making it an ideal foundation for heavy and bulky goods. With its impressive load capacity, even heavy objects can be safely stored on a small surface area.

A platform container has a base area that conforms to standard container dimensions, with a length of either 20 or 40 feet. However, it offers greater flexibility in terms of load size. The platform container is designed to meet all of your cargo requirements, and multiple platforms can be arranged side-by-side for efficient storage.

To ensure the safe and stable transportation of cargo, our platform containers are equipped with multiple lashing rings installed along the longitudinal beams, allowing for secure fastening of the cargo.

Flat Rack Containers

Flat rack containers are the ideal choice when goods need to be loaded from the side or top. They are specifically designed to transport cargo with varying dimensions and shapes, making them ideal for transporting specific goods. Before transportation or storage, it is crucial to verify the dimensions of the flat rack container to ensure they are suitable for your cargo.

Open Top Containers

The open top container is designed with a removable tarpaulin instead of a closed roof, allowing for easy loading and unloading of cargo by crane or forklift truck.

This makes open top containers ideal for transporting oversized or bulky items that cannot be loaded through the standard doors of a regular container.


Wooden packaging is indispensable for both domestic and international trade.

JVK Holdings provides a wide range of wood products for shipping. From equipment and merchandise to building materials, agricultural products, and paper supplies. Our standard and custom pallets ensure that goods are transported safely and securely.

Our machine-built pallets are crafted using only the finest spruce, pine, or fir (SPF) wood, ensuring superior quality and more consistent strength when compared to their hand-built counterparts.

In addition to offering standard sizes, we are also capable of building custom pallets to any specification. Our commitment to sustainability extends to recycling: we dismantle used pallets, salvage reusable ones for resale, and save any metal parts for future use, passing on the resulting cost savings to our valued customers.

Our custom wooden crates are the ideal solution for transporting valuable and delicate products. We take great care in designing and building each crate from scratch, tailoring the dimensions to the specific requirements of your shipment and taking into account the fragility of its contents.

We are confident that after experiencing our exceptional service, you won’t need to look elsewhere. At JVK Holdings, we adhere to stringent quality control and efficiency guidelines to ensure that costs are minimized for our clients, while still maintaining the highest standard of quality in every pallet we build.

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