About Us


JVK Holdings Inc., consultants have continually worked at the cutting edge of developments in logistics and supply chain management helping companies achieve competitive advantage in an ever changing World.

Since its inception the range of services has grown considerably and now encompasses all aspects of logistics and supply chain management including infrastructure modelling and warehousing, transport operations, outsourcing and organisational support and improvement. Today JVK Holdings Inc., works with a wide range of domestic and multinational organisations, including users and providers of logistic services, both nationally and internationally. – Consultancy skills in transport cost optimisation and freight service purchasing

Increasing transport costs and the lack of transport capacity due to a shortage of vehicles and drivers, as well as increasingly unreliable sea container traffic with an extreme increase in freight rates are just a few examples of problems in the complex supply chains of global companies. We know which parameters to tweak and optimize all areas related to your transports.

At the customer’s request, we adapt transport concepts, reorganise processes and take care of freight purchasing, from the call for tenders to the selection of service providers and purchasing negotiations.

Welcome to JVK Holding inc

JVK Holdings Inc., has a reputation for producing workable solutions based on thorough research and analysis and practical experience. Directors and Senior Consultants have all held executive corporate positions, with both users and providers of logistics services, reducing the risk of unforeseen consequences as change is implemented.

Our consultant’s technical knowledge and wealth of practical experience, coupled with our sound understanding of the wider environmental context, familiarity with the logistics market place, and direct involvement in a broad cross section of industry sectors, give us a clear advantage when delivering solutions and driving real improvements for our clients.